Kat Elagina prefers to paint her many different styles with acrylic. Her paintings vary from nearly realistic, naive, or neo-impressionistic. In melting different styles and techniques together she casts her own style, which involves the viewer in a very direct and sincere way.

No artistic formalities are important, only the emotions and the idea her artwork inspires. She has developed a unique artisic and metaphorical language in her artwork. It is recognizable in any art style she chooses. Kat Elagina is focused on the divinity of our existence and on the magic inherent in every second of life. She uses archetypal language to emphasize the unconscious of our modern society. Using a wide range of artistic tools she breaks rules and establishes her own ones. The main protagonists of her artwork are human beings (or anything that nearly looks like it). Elagina investigates them, their interactions with each other, and their interactions with their social institutions. Her artwork concentrates on the inside world of an individual. She sometimes includes some ready-made objects into her artwork, in order to build a bridge between her artistic world and the reality.

Art, Miami, Florida, Fine Art, Kat Elagina, Buy Art
Art, Miami, Florida, Fine Art, Kat Elagina, Buy Art
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Art, Miami, Florida, Fine Art, Kat Elagina, Buy Art, Irma, Irma Hurricane

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