Art Concept

Every person’s abilities are limitless. Each of us always has an opportunity to use our inner resources to overcome difficulties in life, but very few of us actually do it. In the series “Female Universe”, women are portrayed in an emotional state of harmony, strength, resilience, artfulness, patience. All of these traits are always within every woman. A woman in a particular state of mind always retains her main traits – her beauty and appeal. Animal faces and human bodies represent an altered state of mind that is a reaction to the pressure and aggression of the contemporary society. Here, animal faces are not actually animal faces, as they all are spiritually rich.

For women, the ability to experience a wide array of emotions is natural. Mother Nature is wise, and women possess the gift of a unique and natural inner power. In Western civilization, there are so many ways to act barbarous in the framework of civilization laws. Many people use these loopholes. It’s very difficult to sue anyone for behavior that breaks a woman’s heart and make her life disastrous and painful. The inner power is the foundation of female perception. Women have and have always had an escape, which is to use their inner resources.

The practices of altered state of mind have existed during all of the history of mankind, starting from the Ancient Rome bacchanalias. There exists a number of women’s secret communities in Africa and some other countries. A bright example is the modern Wicca, where special ceremonies are held to make the union of female and animal traits possible and more intense. Contemporary women use qualities that have existed for thousands of years in the natural world of animals: the artfulness of a fox, the rapidity of a leopard, the strength of a bear, the far-slightness of an eagle, the sensitivity of a dog, the butterfly’s endurance, the braveness of a lioness, the grace of a cat, and the mobility of a deer.

The altered states of mind in women are a protective tool against the pressure of society. When a woman makes a transition to an altered state of mind, she is able to generate new emotions. She can acquire some useful traits of a being that lives in wild nature, where every creature depends on themselves and can count only on their own power. This does not mean she becomes dangerous to others, rather it is all about her increased abilities, strength, endurance, and beauty. All of these characteristics are of beings that have to survive in the wild, where natural selection reigns.

The ability to alter emotions and state of mind has one more pleasant aspect – such women become extremely attractive and they provoke an instinctive desire within other people to match their. Such a woman transfers into Pheromone Zone together with her partner, where they both are free from the pressure of the contemporary society. Then their relationships are natural, instinctive, uninhibited, and are full of joy and mutual attraction. This specific emotional state is very beneficial both for women and men as it increases their desire to live a full life, thrive, build their wealth, and make the life of their partner more enjoyable.

Kat Elagina’s paintings also represent another very important aspect of perception. The artwork directly tells the viewer that there exists a different way of living in the contemporary society with its rat-race, globalization and mass culture. This way of living offers advantages in reaching one’s goals, while staying a civilized person in the world of double standards.

Most importantly, the ability to change one’s way of living derives from within that very person. It does not require any expenses, and it does not depend on a person’s social status or background. Bringing to life these changes depends only on the desire to preserve oneself. When a person starts this journey, they reveal new facets in themselves. This immersion into oneself is always very beneficial, as it roots on the instincts and not on the rational mind.

Instincts always give a person the cues to what is right. Therefore, the person gains more confidence and as a result, distress and anxiety decrease. This continuous alteration of emotional state in women is a perfect alternative to use of any kind of substances. A person uses substances because they are not content with their life and are attempting to escape into a different world. They are running away from their fears and helplessness because they are not able to respond in a healthy way to the threats and aggressiveness of the world. The use of inner resources and power of soul make any use of substances senseless. “Female Universe” series tells the real fairytale of life. There is always place for authentic magic in life. And each of us can become the medium of magic of transformation in our world.